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Anxiety Coping Skills Cards

Anxiety Coping Skills Cards

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70 Anxiety Education and Coping Skills PRINTABLE Flash Cards

Designed as self-help for individuals or for mental health providers for use with their clients/patients.

I've made this flash card set with the hope of making anxiety relief information accessible and easy to carry around.

Cards contain:
- Anxiety Education
- Therapeutic Skills
- Problem Solving Skills
- Goal Setting Exercises
- Affirmations
- Fillable cards that can be personalized for motivation and to be used in goal setting. ("Reasons for working on my anxiety" "Things I'm Avoiding Because of My Anxiety")

How to use:

For therapists and other mental health providers:
- Leave individual cards in your office for individuals to "take what they need".
- Print sets for your people to use between meetings with you.
- Use in groups for discussion and skill building.

For individuals:
- Carry them with you or store them where you will see them: in your bag, leave in your car, on bedside table, etc.
- Use as bookmarks
- Place them around your house
- Pick a few to focus on for a week and carry those with you
- Whatever other ideas you have!

-Digital file is a PDF Printable with 13 pages (4 cards per page) on 8.5 x 11" size documents.
-Each individual card when cut out is a little bigger than an index card
-Best printed on card stock paper
-Print at home, your office or at your local printing store

Designs are the copyright of Mom Brain Therapist LLC and are not to be re-sold, duplicated or distributed.

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